I’ve always loved a good story. It’s probably the influence of my hometown, the indomitable New York City. Where else can you find such a pure concentration of fantastic tales? Or maybe it’s the European influence my father and grandfather brought back from their trips abroad, hand selecting silks and textiles to sell to New York’s most respected fashion houses. 

It could also be witnessing season after season of the New York Yankees, baseball’s most storied franchise. And as a freshman at Davidson College, switching majors from economics to history only further cemented my appreciation for nuanced narratives.

I’m proud to be family man, too – with deep reverence for generational ties and the relationship between father and son. The torn ligament in my dad’s shoulder is proof he always made time for passionate whiffle-ball games on the beach, a relaxed 9 holes after school, or ground balls in Central Park. Today, he remains one of my closest friends.

Family and story have always been connected, but preserving that timeless heritage is more important than ever. So why did I build the Douglas Rose collection? To intimately connect people with the places they go and the companions they choose. Because quality gives life to a long lasting story.

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