Some stories are new – quick anecdotes or asides, painting with broad strokes. Others are old – with embellishments and layers that grow fabled over time.

But the best stories are generational – a lingering rope of heritage that links you to them. The bonds aren’t perfect, but they’re strong. Lasting. They reverberate with each swing of the club, purr of the engine, and crack of the bat. These stories of brotherhood have borne us the Douglas Rose brand. Each handmade, Italian leather bag exists to preserve the relationships formed around your favorite pastimes.

When you buy Douglas Rose, you’re buying connected quality – the kind built to withstand those generational stories. You’re investing in hundreds of hours of research, a team of skilled artisans in Spain, designers in New York, and eighteen months of obsessive scrutiny.

Each leather bag is crafted from smooth Italian calf leather with a semi-shine natural finish, ensuring it ages beautifully. It’s also water resistant – a new-world technique, so when it starts to pour, your bag is the least of your worries. Our waxed canvas Sport bags are offered for even more performance, with a resilient interior made from bonded rubber.

When you buy Douglas Rose, you’re buying the opportunity to hand down a world-class heirloom. You’re buying a hand-stitched piece that spans decades, continents, and bloodlines.

Why does Douglas Rose exist? To intimately connect people with the places they go and the companions they choose. Because quality gives life to a long lasting story.