Ben Martin

I’ve been golfing since I was six or seven. But as a professional, this is my seventh year.

I was two or three years old the first time I picked up a club. My dad was into all sports, and so golf was just part of it. Whether it was throwing the football in the back yard, playing baseball, pitch-and-catch, or golf. It was kind of everything.

When I go home to South Carolina, I like watching our old family videos, so we do that a lot. Just seeing my dad interact with my brother and me, I think that was one of the things he was great at — spending time with us.

I always looked up to my Dad. I’m 29 now, married, but no kids, so I think once you start down new roads you’re able to reflect on how you grew up. My dad made a big sacrifice to spend all of his time with my brother and me. I travel so much for my job and I’ve started to wonder how I will be able to do that.

-Ben Martin, PGA Tour

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