Every Bag Has a Story

The Douglas Rose bag you are holding didn’t just pop out of a machine…if only it were that easy.

Every detail has been meticulously considered, created and assembled. Let us share more. 

The leather is Italian leather tanned just outside of Venice, Italy. Each of the colors we use is a color that we have created with our tannery. Read more about our leather colors here.

The lining on our leather bags is from an Italian mill with a long history of producing luxury textiles. It’s a twill with enough texture for the naked eye to see, but not so thick that it feels like your Dad’s vintage corduroys.  We love the richness of the burgundy color and how it complements each of the leather colors in our collection.

Each piece of hardware, including the feet on the bag are custom. The D-Rings match the letter “D” in our brand name and come in three distinct sizes: zipper pull, anchor and shoulder strap clip. We spent way too long perfecting the hardware, testing it, and refining the finish. We use a well established factory in Korea known for their high quality work. 

The leather, lining and hardware all arrive at our factory in Southern Spain where we sampled bag after bag until we felt like a unique, beautiful and well designed bag would stand the test of time. The factory receives these materials and using the patterns we created to cut, sew, stamp with gold foil, hammer, rivet, turn, edge stain, etc etc etc until the bag has passed many hands and many inspections. 

Each bag is stamped with three things. The year it was made. The Country it was made in. And what number bag it is, so you know exactly what small batch is when we say small batch. 

It is then gently placed in one of our custom duster bags before making it’s journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

The bag you are holding is not just a congruence of beautiful materials, it’s also a labor of love.

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