A Father’s Day Reflection

I’m excited for Father’s Day for two reasons.

One, it’s an opportunity to reflect on shared memories with my own father. Sport and travel have been at the center of most of our time together.

It’s also a chance for me to consider my four children, the way each of them is uniquely wired, the things they currently find enjoyment in and how I can further build relationship with them through their passions and interests. Simply put, how can I delight in the things that they delight in and in doing so, create lasting memories? It’s a question worth considering.

On a recent work trip, I found myself missing home and time with the people that mean most to me. In that place of longing I found it natural to write something to each of my kids, a poem of sorts that would champion them and would in someway widen their eyes with delight.

I share one of these poems here, because one of the purposes of this brand is to cultivate connected quality. Perhaps, in a world of aspirational brands vying for your attention, there can be nothing more aspirational than strong and lasting relationships.

At the center of being a brand that makes bags for travel is our awareness that bags are merely accessories, and people are the priority, especially family.


A Monster Lurks
By Douglas Rose, for his 5 year old son.

It lurks in our back yard each night
A huge green monster with 6 green eyes.
He eats 4 squirrels and the neighbor’s cat
His face deformed his stomach fat.
He ends each night with a horrific roar
Then comes inside through our front door.
He tracks in mud his breathing loud
He stands outside your room and growls.
The noise his way to wake up “Benz”
The boy he loves, it’s his best friend.
Seeing a shadow through the door’s crack
you spring from bed, jump on his back.
He carries you, until out of sight
A new adventure every night.
On this occasion you save a hawk
whose wings you found trapped by a rock.
It’s almost morning, you stretch, you yawn,
You must return without waking Mom.
The monster lays you back in your bed
Then says farewell to his best friend.
You smile at the monster and wave goodbye,
“thank you for coming again last night.”


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