Leather Care

Your leather bag is an investment.

Not only did you spend hard earned money on it, but you also have the opportunity, if treated properly, to preserve it long enough for someone in the coming generation to use it. Now that may be a little too big a dose of reality to consider at this point, but just take our word for it, taking care of your bag is worth it!

We spoke with industry experts from the world of leather, people with cumulative 100 years of experience tanning leather and making leather goods and advising big and small brands on leather, manufacturing and product care.

Here is the consensus:

  1. first things first, know what kind of leather you are dealing with. If it’s a “naked” or unfinished the leather, the more careful you must be in selecting your cleaning method. Leather that does not have a protective finish on it will absorb liquids and often leave spots. FYI, the calfskin leather in our collection has been finished to protect and preserve the leather.
  2. for day to day care, use a dry cloth to remove dust build up from the leather.
  3. if there’s a dirt buildup or a need to clean with a little more gumption, use a cotton cloth dampened with warm water and then wipe dry. Stay away from abrasive soaps and cleaners…these will damage the leather.
  4. to help preserve your leather you can annually apply a conditioner to the leather. There are a ton of options out there in this category.

Ultimately, the goal is to keep your leather clean and fresh. The tannery has done the hard work of preserving your leather and protecting it, it’s now your job to keep an eye on it and provide a little love when necessary.

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