Ryan Bills

Bay County Municipal Golf Course in Essexville, Michigan.

That’s where I discovered golf.

I’d consider it a small track, bare bones is probably a fair assessment, but as a boy,  it represented 6 hours of freedom.  My first set of clubs was a hodgepodge of junior clubs and a few key selections from my Dad’s bag.  I pulled confidence from wielding my father’s clubs, more so than I would have from anything new and flashy.

Most afternoons, my Aunt dropped my 3 cousins and me off with enough money to cover the greens fee, a rickety pull cart from the 60’s, and most importantly a pop and dog at the turn.  Our 15th club was a fishing pole, snuck into our bag and used on the pond adjacent to the third hole.  We’d play 18 holes, sneak back to number 15 and play another 4 just in time to catch the carpool home.  I rarely kept score, but always had that one shot I’d go home and tell my Dad about.

Fast forward 20+ years. I’m not using his clubs anymore, or sneaking fishing gear onto the course, but after every round, my Dad is the first person I call.

Ryan’s favorite Douglas Rose product is the WSR Wool Hat.

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