Waxed Canvas and Leather

There’s been plenty written on the difference between waxed canvas and leather. If you want the simple facts, wikipedia will suffice.

What we’re more concerned about is helping you decide which is the right fit for you. Since both are generally durable and age well and have staying power, it often comes down to aesthetics. Feel. Vibe. After all, they’re called accessories, because they’re supposed to compliment the message you’re sending with everything else you have going on…your hair, your car, your watch, and of course your clothing.

Next time you watch a movie, take notice of the bags people carry. Someone has carefully chosen a bag to fit the personality and mission of the character…perhaps we’ll dedicate an entire post to exploring famous film characters and the bags they carried.

There isn’t one bag for every look, but a great bag is one that looks good paired with other things that look good. Pro tip: imagine your bag leaned up against a classic car and also the brand new car of your dreams. If it doesn’t look right in either setting, perhaps it’s time for an upgrade.

There are sporty leather bags and sporty canvas bags. There are classic leather bags and classic canvas bags.

There are beautiful canvas bags and beautiful leather bags. And then there are bags that just aren’t worth your time.

We believe the bag you carry should not only last a long time, but feel at home in your hand.

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