What’s in a Name?

Let’s be honest.
No one is buying a bag because they like it’s name…although I suppose if the name was bad enough, it would certainly be a deterrent. Anyone want to buy a bag named “The Gilbert?” 

There’s lots of ways to name a bag. 

Some brands name bags after a place of inspiration that fits with the type of place the bag will visit. “The Aspen Backpack.” Some brands name bags after persons of historical significance that evoke the kind of values and lifestyle in line with the bag. “The Truman Briefcase.” Some brands simplify things and just give their bag’s numbers. “The #03 Tote Bag.”

At Douglas Rose we espouse to be a brand that celebrates and values people, specifically those select people of influence, whom you enjoy, trust and long to spend more time with. The goods we make are simply meant to be inserted into these worthy stories of connected quality. 

When naming the first three bags in my collection, it only made sense to look to some of the relationships that matter most to me. My three closest friends are the guys I play competitive golf matches with, the guys I text with about our competitive golf matches when we’re not playing, they’re the guys I call when I’m in a pinch, need some advice, have something to celebrate or have a funny story that needs to be told. 

And each of them has one son…James, Stockton, and Collier. 

The first three bags in my collection are named for these young men as a testament that friendship matters, that relationships are vital to enjoying life and that a great bag is only as good as the story it gets carried in. 

I’ll hopefully design enough bags that I run out of names. And when that happens, I’ll gladly turn to you, to find who it is that is vital to your life and you story and together we’ll name bags after them. I can’t wait. 

Douglas Rose

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